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High density polyethylene fusion

Our teams are specialized and certified by Mcelroy University.

We have undertaken several projects in the mining, municipal, agricultural, industrial, and railway sectors.

The applications of HDPE pipe fusion

The fusion of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes is a commonly used method in various industrial and municipal applications. Here are some examples of applications for which HDPE pipe fusion is used:


Distribution of drinking water

HDPE is resistant to corrosion, chemicals and bacterial growth, making it an ideal material for drinking water pipes.


Wastewater treatment

HDPE pipes are used to transport corrosive effluents, such as acids; they do not undergo damage or corrosion.


Collection of biogas in landfill sites

Pipes are arranged inside the waste fill to collect gases formed during organic decomposition. These pipes resist corrosive agents, ensuring their transport to collection and treatment systems.


Mining industry

Fused HDPE pipes are also used in the mining industry to transport corrosive fluids, chemicals and water. HDPE is resistant to abrasion and impact, making it suitable for the harsh and demanding environments of the mining industry.

We weld the diameter of





All members of our field team are trained and certified to the highest industry standards.
Complete traceability of each weld joint in order to guarantee the quality of the work carried out on the infrastructures thanks to a Datalogger (ASTM F3124).

Quality assurance


Every weld is documented via an intelligent data collection system (Datalogger);

We take a photo of each solder joint including an operator signature with date and time;
Collected in a secure cloud registry;
The system identifies if the weld matches the quote (GO) or if there is a failure (NO GO). Actions are then taken accordingly.
With this system, you are ensured of transparent and efficient quality control over your pipes and welds.