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Geomembrane installation

What is a geomembrane?

The geomembrane is a synthetic product which ensures waterproofing. It is used to waterproof and prevent contamination.

Why choose MICA for the installation of your geomembranes?

Trusted partner having carried out more than 400 various projects.

In the field of geosynthetic products since 1990.

MICA Solutions adheres to all recommendations of IAGI – International Association of Geosynthetic Installers

Holder of an RBQ license – General and specialized contractor

Applications for geomembranes


Rainwater retention basin
Landfill cell
Biogas capture
Lightweight fill
Catchment ditch
Sedimentation basin
Emergency tank
Secondary retention basin
Dielectric protection for railway structures

Steps for installing a geomembrane


Inspection and approval of the foundation

We make sure to inspect the land and remove any unwanted objects that could compromise the integrity of the geomembrane.


Compliance with installation constraints

Favorable weather conditions are necessary to ensure optimal installation of the geomembrane.


Deployment of panels

Using specialized machinery, we unroll and apply the rolls of geomembrane.


Assembly of panels by double fusion and extrusion

Our team of technician-welders assembles and welds the geomembrane panels while monitoring the pressure, speed, and temperature of the welding equipment.

Schematization of the geomembrane installation procedure

Inspection and acceptance of the foundation soil

Inspection of rolls upon receipt

Installation conditions (weather)

Panel positioning

Welding equipment calibration tests

Assembly of panels by double fusion

Modification and production of details by extrusion

Visual inspection

Non-destructive testing

Destructive testing

Evaluation of the quantities of panels used

“As built” Plan

Quality control after the installation of the geomembrane

Our specially trained team of quality control technicians ensures that the installation of the geomembrane panels complies with specifications.

In addition to visual inspection, we conduct a series of tests, ranging from non-destructive weld pressure testing to sample collection for destructive testing.

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